MK Data Solutions has been the preferred supplier of communication system cabling for Teva Pharmaceuticals Ireland for some time now, due their ability to deliver a cost effective, flexible and professional service in the South East as well as all around Ireland to any of our regional offices.

We intend to use MK Data Solutions as well as the AMP Cert cabling system for all our future installations and would gladly recommend them to anybody that requires a high quality, cost effective, communications cabling system they can rely on.

David Flaherty
Senior Technical Analyst
Teva Pharmaceuticals Ireland

Horgan Barrett & Co.

We contracted MK Data Solutions cabling engineers to provide cabling for the installation of a server for our offices in July 2009. The work required included the mapping of cables to fourteen seperate data points in a peroid house not immediately condusive to such work due the thickness of the internal walls.

MK Data Solutions carried out the work swiftly, effeciently and to the satisfaction to the third party server engineer contracted to install the server.

Horgan Barrett & Co

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